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"All Things Life" Podcast


This podcast is about just that - everything that has the power to impact who we are and how we do relationships. Niro offers practical strategies she has developed over the last 15 years in private practice and invites you into conversations with authors, speakers, mental health and wellness specialists and other experts to help you live your fullest life. She talks openly and honestly about relationships, marriage, parenting, friendships, anxiety and fear, race, culture, identity, sex, and spirituality- there is definitely something for everyone!

SEASON 1: EPISODE 14 | April 15, 2020

Healthy Expectations, Our Collective Grief and the Contagion of Calm

From the series All Things Covid-19: Coping with the New Normal:   

It all goes together actually. Today I’m talking to you much like I would talk to a good friend over coffee. To create healthy expectations for ourselves during this time, essential to our mental health, we have to understand why we are feeling what we are feeling and how this impacts our day to day.  Hopefully this will help.

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