Hi, I am Niro...

I am a wife, crazy busy mom to 4 kids and cognitive psychotherapist. I have spent the last 15 years in private practice and am excited to bring these conversations to you to help you live a healthier, fuller and more peaceful life.


Do you struggle with anxiety or occasional worry?

Does your mind constantly go to the worst case scenario?

Anxiety is so common and very treatable with the right tools. The key is to have a few in your back pocket that you can pull out when you need them. My video will give you a plan so that you can get ready to fight back when the worry sets in. Get ready to get your life back!

Healing and Empowering

through Knowledge &


“Funny, Transparent, Caring, and Smart - this woman has blessed my life. Her practical wisdom and down to earth nature are just par for the course. Call her what you will: therapist, friend, fellow sojourner

- she is worth tracking with.”


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