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TV Interviews

TV Interviews


I am often interviewed in national media for expert opinions on relationships, parenting, stress, and anxiety, as well as current mental health topics in the news. Whether it's the Today Show, NBC News, or Cheddar TV, I offer research-based methods and practical advice to help viewers understand the issues and take sensible steps to overcome their challenges.

today show oct 19 Niro TV.png
TODAY SHOW | October 19, 2023

Psychotherapist Niro Feliciano joins TODAY to discuss the importance of setting boundaries in a kind way and how healthy limitations can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

today show july 23 (1).png
TODAY SHOW | July 19, 2023

Whether it’s hectic schedules, routine changes, or staying up too late — it can all add up. Board-certified psychotherapist and author Niro Feliciano joins TODAY and shares the importance of Vitamin D and gives tips on how to battle FOMO.

Niro TV Web Cover.png
PIX11 | June 6, 2023

Dealing with jealousy in friendships, and how to keep your emotions from ruining the relationship.

NBC News Now One child.png
NBC News NOW | May 24, 2023

Tips for Raising an Only Child

On this Daily Parenting segment, we talk about the benefits of different family sizes and tips for raising an only child.

Feliciano (1).png
FOX61 | March 13, 2023

Psychotherapist and author Niro Feliciano discusses the risks teens face using social media and how parents are re-examining phone usage at home.

NBC10 Boston | January 3, 2023

3 Ways You Can Find Contentment in 2023

Psychotherapist and Author Niro Feliciano shares her best tips when setting new goals.

podcasts (2).png
PIX11 | November 18, 2022

Gratitude and Mental Health

Gratitude and the holiday season go hand in hand. But it doesn't have to be something you only practice around Thanksgiving. Psychotherapist Niro Feliciano explains how gratitude can impact your mental health

niro book trauma school shootings_edited.jpg
NBC News NOW | November 1, 2022

How Books Are Being Used to Help Children Process Trauma of School Shootings

How to talk to your kids about hard topics

nbc - oct 13.png
TODAY SHOW | October 13, 2022

How can I find a good therapist? Resources to narrow your search

Niro Feliciano answers TODAY viewer questions about helping family members with anxiety, how to find a good therapist and more.

TODAY SHOW | August 18, 2022

How to get along with all personalities

Life is full of all kinds of people you interact with every day, and you likely won’t mix well with all of them. Author and psychotherapist Niro Feliciano shares tips for how to deal with each personality type.

niro-tv-fathers day (Instagram Post).png
PIX11 NYC | June 17, 2022

Father's Day Anxiety

This family holiday can bring up a lot of stress for people who may have lost their father, or those who have a rocky relationship. Psychotherapist Niro Feliciano talks about how to cope.

PIX11 NYC | April 5, 2022

This Book Won't Make You Happy

Niro Feliciano talks with Tamsen Fadel and Arrianee LeBeau on PIX11 about her new book: This Book Won't Make You Happy.

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 3.34.07 PM.png
FOX61 | Dec 6, 2021

Family First: Managing conflict during the holidays

Seeing family after a long time apart can cause tension.

What should we do to prepare beforehand? Here are some tips for navigating the holidays.

WOSU PUBLIC MEDIA Chuck Underwood / Pixabay

Wellness Wednesday: Navigating Life At Home During Coronavirus

Niro joins All Sides with Ann Fisher to give tips for keeping the peace and nurturing relationships during the pandemic.


Coronavirus Hysteria?

Stores are selling out of water, toilet paper, and other necessities as the U.S. fears a coronavirus pandemic. Psychotherapist Niro Feliciano joins us to break down if this panic is really necessary.


10 Simple Ways to Show Emotional Support to a Loved One in Need

No matter what you're dealing with, the world is an anxiety-laden place these days. Here are ideas for random acts of emotional support you can do for your partner or friends who need it.

School Dance.jpg
PARENTS.COM Image: Getty

Why Consent Needs to Come First at School Dances

A middle school dance policy aims to curb bullying but is sending students troubling messages about their ability to trust their own judgement and give consent.

FOX 61

Four Ways to Improve Any Relationship

Niro shares tips on maintaining relationships.

FOX 61

How to Destress for the holidays

Niro gives tips on how to deal with holiday stress.

today show aug 30.png
TODAY SHOW | August 30, 2023

Feeling anxious about saying goodbye to summer? Transitioning into fall can be tricky for some but psychotherapist Niro Feliciano says there are ways to embrace the change in season, including scheduling something to look forward to, solidifying a routine, and more.

nbc news now june 2023 (1).png
NBC News NOW | June 2023

How to identify and avoid developing enmeshed relationships with children

tamron hall.png
TAMRON HALL SHOW | May 25, 2023

Expert Niro Feliciano joins our episode titled “Your Mind Matters” to talk about ways to keep depression and anxiety at bay. Her simple ways to tackle anxiety will blow your mind and your nerves too!

today show april.png
TODAY Show | April 19, 2023

According to a recent study, loneliness and social isolation can be as harmful to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Psychotherapist Niro Feliciano shares tips for building and maintaining friendships as an adult.

niro nbc news now.png
NBC News NOW | February 21, 2023

Mental Health Headlines and Trends

Seeking clinical treatment for depression, identity bullying, and experts call for more research into "mommy brain"

today show holiday drama.png
TODAY Show | December 20, 2022

How to have a drama-free holiday season

Psychotherapist Niro Feliciano shares tips to have a drama-free holiday season. 

niro nbcnewsnow.jpg
NBC News NOW | November 15, 2022

How to Help Kids Cope When a Parent Loses a Job

Tips on what to say and how to say it when telling children that a parent has lost a job.

depression burnout.jpg
NBC News NOW | October 2022

Burnout vs. Depression

Burnout and depression can look alike, but they don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Niro Feliciano talks about how to cope with and treat burnout.

niro winter blues.jpg
NBC News NOW | October 2022

Managing Seasonal Depression & Can COVID Change Your Personality?

The weather is getting colder. What can we do to ward off the winter blues? And can COVID change our personality?

_niro-tv-pix11-selfcare (3).png
PIX11 | July 25, 2022

Summer Self-Care

How to make time for yourself this summer. Psychotherapist Niro Feliciano offers some tips.

FOX61 | May 16, 2022

Normalizing talking about mental health with children

Niro Feliciano, a psychotherapist and author, discusses what parents can do to help their children, and themselves.

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 3.31.51 PM.png
PIX11 NYC | Jan 19, 2022

Remote learning proves challenging for kids

How to help kids navigate the challenges of remote learning.


Helping children cope with coronavirus-related anxiety and fear

Adults aren't the only ones feeling anxiety and fear amid the coronavirus pandemic. Doctors tell PIX11 children are also stressed, and may not realize they're acting different as a result.

PARENTS.COM Illustration: Yeji Kim

Teens Aren’t Celebrating ‘No Class’ During the Coronavirus Outbreak—This Is How We Really Feel

Sports. Graduations. Proms. As schools close across the country, a teen shares what it’s like for older kids navigating all the unknowns.

NBCNEWS.COM Image: iStockphoto - Getty Images

How not to kill your spouse when you're both working from home

'We're both shouting into our laptops.' Couples and therapists weigh in with tips on how to manage the ups and downs of work life under one roof with your partner — and kids, too.

TODAY.COM Image: Getty

How not to kill your spouse when you're both working from home

'We're both shouting into our laptops.' Couples and therapists weigh in with tips on how to manage the ups and downs of work life under one roof with your partner — and kids, too.

sandwich generation.jpg

9 Ways Sandwich-Generation Caregivers can Manage Stress

The "sandwich generation" is made up of people who are simultaneously taking care of their children and helping their aging parents. Niro gives tips to manage this type of unique stress.


Beating the Winter Blues: How Weather Impacts Your Mood

From the winter blues to the uptick in serotonin that sunny days bring, weather can impact more than just our wardrobe choices. Cognitive psychotherapist Niro Feliciano joins us to discuss how our moods are tied to different weather conditions.

FOX 61

Dare to Dream for 2020

Whether it’s dealing with regret or looking for a reset- how to move into 2020 positively. Segment for Fox61.

niro nbc news now imposter syndrome.jpg
NBC News NOW | August 2023

Imposter syndrome is more common than you think. Here’s what you need to know to overcome it...

today show june 2023.png
TODAY SHOW | June 23, 2023

Many people are familiar with the five love languages — but there are also self-love languages, as well. Author and psychotherapist Niro Feliciano breaks down the different aspects to take care of yourself.

tamron hall (1).png
TAMRON HALL SHOW | May 25, 2023

Three members of the Tam Fam, Gina Payne, Elyse Fox, and Casey White, join the show for a special conversation tackling mental health. Expert Niro Feliciano also joins the conversation to talk about ways to keep depression and anxiety at bay.

niro - nbc news now 41223.png
NBC News NOW | April 12, 2023

On this Daily Parenting segment, we talk about the different ways our kids (and all of us) learn and how to identify how we learn best, which fosters success and comprehension.

niro today show jan 2023 (1).png
TODAY Show | January 27, 2023

How to refresh and reframe your mindset

Psychotherapist and author Niro Feliciano shares resolutions to help refresh your mindset, from rethinking your goals and evaluating what brings you joy.

NBC News NOW | November 25, 2022

Practicing Gratitude This Holiday Season

How to cultivate an attitude of gratitude this holiday season

NBC News NOW | November 1, 2022

Understanding Why Kids Don’t Listen

Does it feel like your kids don’t hear you sometimes, no matter how many times you say something? Niro Feliciano explains how kids are not trying to be disrespectful, but that they just communicate differently.

NBC News NOW | October 2022

The Parentification Phenomenon in Families

When Kids Take on the Role of “Parent”

NBC News NOW | September 2022

Tips on Back-to-School Scheduling for Both Parents and Children

Tips for adjusting to new school-year schedules for both children and parents.

niro-today-show (1).png
TODAY SHOW | June 27, 2022

How to find more contentment in your everyday life

Psychotherapist Niro Feliciano shares ways to reduce daily stress and find overall more contentment in life. She breaks down the difference between happiness and contentment, as well as how to actively appreciate your life and control your moods.

FOX61 | April 18, 2022

FOX61 | Author Interview

This Book Won't Make You Happy author, therapist Niro Feliciano to speak at Ridgefield Playhouse.

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 3.18_edited.jpg
PIX11 NYC | Jan 4, 2022

Creating sustainable new year’s resolutions in 2022

Studies show that more than half of people quit their new year’s resolutions within a month.

But there are some simple tricks to help find your way to success. 

TODAY.COM Getty Images

How to talk to people who aren't social distancing — and get them to listen

Shaming won't work. Experts say there's a right way to talk to the reluctant social distancer in your life.


Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety

Niro joins Cheddar to share some tips for coping with anxiety surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

image (1).jpg
PARENTS.COM Image: Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

10 Ways to Feel Less Isolated as a Parent While Social Distancing

Although social distancing is imperative for contending with this global pandemic, parents everywhere are craving connection. Here's what experts say you can do to reduce any feelings of isolation and loneliness.

FOX 61

Family First: Why does sibling rivalry sometimes go too far?

What are some things parents can do to handle a contentious sibling rivalry?

PARENTS.COM Image: Getty

How Your Parenting Style Is Influenced by Your Birth Order

Did you grow up the bossy firstborn? Or maybe the youngest of the bunch? According to experts, your place in line just may predict who you’re destined to be as parent.


Be Your Own Valentine

Niro, joins Cheddar TV to share some tips to beat the loneliness this Valentine's Day.


Santa, The Elf and Holiday Stress!

Niro talks to parents about using the naughty or nice list.

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