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Guest Podcasts


I love chatting with interesting, inquisitive people!  I have had the privilege of being a guest on these helpful and thought provoking podcasts.  

Love is Stronger than Fear | Amy Julia Becker

Race, Sex, Faith, and the Halftime Show

After noticing really different reactions to the show from white Christian women and Christian women of color, Niro joins Amy to talk about Shakira and J Lo, about how culture shapes our view of the world, and how to grow in love even when we disagree.

30 Something | Sonni Abatta

Love in Lockdown, All YOUR Relationship Q's Answered, w/Therapist Niro Feliciano!

In Part Two of her Love in Lockdown Series, Sonni and Niro answer YOUR questions on how to survive love in lockdown. Whether it’s relationships with your spouse, partner or kids, they covering it all.

fearlessly facing 50.jpg
Fearlessly Facing Fifty | Amy Schmidt

Begin Again, It's OK to Recalculate

When you chart your course, do you feel like there's a map guiding you along the journey? Well as we all know, life doesn't always unravel as you thought it would. You chart a new course, that involves uncertainty, and worry. Niro talks to Amy about her own path and how it shifted in a way she wasn't expecting.