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Guest Podcasts


I love chatting with interesting, inquisitive people! I have had the privilege of being a guest on these helpful and thought-provoking podcasts.  

Raising Boys & Girls Podcast | 1.30.24

I can’t say enough about these two hosts of the Raising BG Podcast. Therapists Sissy Goff and David Foster have to be the kindest humans on the planet. You will hear it in this episode as we share our experiences in helping bring contentment to the family. 

wonder girls united.png
Wonder Girls| 3.20.23

How to help our teens navigate healthy and loving friendships...and some parenting tips!

The International Advantage | TANYA DALTON

277: The Good Enough Life with Niro Feliciano

What is normal? And why are we obsessed with being normal? Today’s guest, Niro Feliciano would argue that “normal” often means overscheduling yourself, being exhausted and overwhelmed, spending too much time on your phone. How we can start living with more intention?

Better Than Gossip | Amy Schmidt & Lisa Speers

EP 150: Contentment or Happiness? Meet Niro Feliciano

Amy, Lisa, and Niro dive into a fascinating discussion about happiness versus contentment, social media detoxes, and the impact gratitude has on our bodies.

We Gotta Talk | Sonni Abatta

176: Why Aren’t You Happy? The Keys to Contentment, with Author & Therapist Niro Feliciano

We talk about the difference between happiness and contentment; the lesson in resistance; the very human desire to end suffering; the power of faith in healing; what types of connection foster contentment, and more.

Love-is-stronger-than-fear-amy-julia-becker_Podcast (7).png
Love is Stronger than Fear | Amy Julia Becker

Race, Sex, Faith, and the Halftime Show

After noticing really different reactions to the show from white Christian women and Christian women of color, Niro joins Amy to talk about Shakira and J Lo, about how culture shapes our view of the world, and how to grow in love even when we disagree.

The Hard Won Wisdom Podcast | 1.9.24

#86) Niro Feliciano: Divine Connection. (Yup, We Go There)

In this episode, Niro Feliciano shares her incredible personal experiences, her journey through doubt, and how she found strength and purpose amidst suffering.

2-21 Podcast Instagram Post.png
Without Fear of Her Future| 3.3.23

44: This Podcast Won’t Make You Happy

Niro Feliciano has been an anxiety specialist for the past 17 years and today, she’s explaining the difference between happiness and contentment; the true heart of your well-being. We also discuss why you need a specific journal, and how to find comfort in uneasy situations. 

simple families.png
Simple Families | DENAYE BARAHONA PH.D.

Child Anxiety, Part II: Parenting Styles ft. Niro Feliciano

Child anxiety rates are on the rise, therefore, it’s a topic that feels familiar to many parents. In today’s episode, I’m joined by fellow mom and mental health professional Niro Feliciano. We answer questions submitted by listeners on the interaction of parenting styles and child anxiety.

Simple Families | DENAYE BARAHONA PH.D.

Episode 306 | Contentment

Niro Feliciano set out to write the book on happiness...then she realized happiness wasn't even the goal. In this episode, we discuss what contentment means and how we can ditch the metrics to move towards it. 

Relentless Pursuit | Jordan & Rosanna Catapano

"What Did COVID Do To Us?" An Interview with Niro Feliciano

Licensed therapist Niro Feliciano talks about the impacts of COVID on families, and how we can begin to recover.

30 Something | Sonni Abatta

Love in Lockdown, All YOUR Relationship Q's Answered, w/Therapist Niro Feliciano!

In Part Two of her Love in Lockdown Series, Sonni and Niro answer YOUR questions on how to survive love in lockdown. Whether it’s relationships with your spouse, partner or kids, they covering it all.

mo news.jpg
Mo News| 3.22.23

Tips and strategies around mental health and parenting

We Gotta Talk | SONNI ABATTA | 1.31.23

222: Breaking Down Spare

Therapist Niro Feliciano weighs in on the themes of Prince Harry's memoir, from the impact of childhood trauma to H & M's strengths as a couple

Ruthless Compassion | Dr. Marcia Sirota

111 – Niro Feliciano: Finding Contentment in Your Everyday Life

Niro Feliciano talks with Dr. Marcia Sirota about how to find contentment in everyday life.

Love-is-stronger-than-fear-amy-julia-becker_Podcast (7).png
Love Is Stronger Than Fear | Amy Julia Becker

S5 E16 | How to Cultivate Contentment with Niro Feliciano

In a society that pursues happiness at all costs, how do we cultivate contentment? Niro Feliciano, psychotherapist and author of This Book Won't Make You Happy, talks with Amy Julia Becker about the keys to finding true contentment.

CXMH | Robert & Holly

152 - How to Find Contentment (Instead of Happiness) (feat. Niro Feliciano)

What is the difference between happiness & contentment, why is happiness so hard to find in the first place, and what are the 8 keys to contentment?

fearlessly facing 50.jpg
Fearlessly Facing Fifty | Amy Schmidt

Begin Again, It's OK to Recalculate

When you chart your course, do you feel like there's a map guiding you along the journey? Well as we all know, life doesn't always unravel as you thought it would. You chart a new course, that involves uncertainty, and worry. Niro talks to Amy about her own path and how it shifted in a way she wasn't expecting.

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