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Choosing Joy

So what do you do on the year anniversary of your breast cancer diagnosis, likely the scariest day of your life, a year of countless hospital visits, chemotherapy, surgery, intense physical and emotional pain, fear and exhaustion? One phenomenal woman I know decided to choose joy.

Just a few weeks ago I opened my mailbox to find the most thoughtful gift pictured above. Even more beautiful was the note attached thanking me for being a part of a journey that began a year ago that day. Honestly, the few small things I did for this woman during her illness was in NO way deserving of any of this, yet once again she showed me what grace and strength really look like. Instead of choosing fear, she chose gratitude. Instead of wallowing in what was lost, she celebrated what she gained. And this, my friends, paves the way for limitless joy.

It’s October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world. Please think about, pray for and reach out to these brave warrior women in your lives and in your community. So many people do not do this because they don’t know what to say or do. Just show up, text, email, call- and ask. I can’t stress how important this is- not only for their healing but yours! If you have the opportunity to cross paths with any of these women, I can assure you it will be you who walks away blessed and changed.  

Also, please take care of yourself.  The most beautiful gift you could give to anyone you love is to be here and to be present in their life.  Schedule your mammogram in honor of someone who is fighting today.  

I write this today with great love and gratitude for Denise Schimenti and Vanessa Rome and in loving memory of Sheila Feliciano, Nancy Capello and Kelly Patti.


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