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4 Things That Could Transform Your Relationship

I am grateful for our marriage, a living, breathing entity that we have cultivated and nourished through 15 years, 5 moves, 7 jobs and 4 kids. There are seasons of beauty and reward and seasons of pure work. We have sought counsel when needed and held onto commitment when feelings have failed us, only to emerge with a deeper level of connection and emotion. This is real love- pure, messy, complex, imperfect, yet breathtaking love. 

I had the honor of officiating my sister’s wedding last August and share some of what I have learned in my marriage and through counseling other couples. After the ceremony, I was asked by several guests to send them the message, but since we had the footage, we decided to make this our first film. The examples of active love in the film are specific to this couple. For a great resource to discover your and your partner’s love language go to: Please do share this if you feel it could be helpful to someone.


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