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Choosing Love: Reflecting on Sandy Hook

Today marks 6 years since our world changed forever and 26 families‘ hearts would be forever broken. My family was coincidentally intertwined with this tragedy.

That clear December morning at the time of the murders, my father was operating with a PA who would soon learn of the loss of his angelic 6 year old daughter. My husband started anxiously texting me the horrific details yet to be disclosed by the media, while waiting in the ER for victims that never arrived. It was a day none of us in Connecticut, especially those of us with kids in school, will ever forget.

I received a call the following morning asking if I would sing at the memorial service for a beautiful boy named Dylan Hockley. Dylan loved the color purple, the moon and trampolines. One of his favorite songs was “Hallelujah” from Shrek, yet when I started to learn the lyrics the darkness of the words didn’t seem to fit the picture of his bright, joyful face. So I called my sister @dushyanthi_satchi who said a prayer and rewrote the lyrics from a vision she received of these kids in her thoughts. It was an honor to sing it for Dylan and a moment that will will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The bravery of his parents still remains an image vivid in my mind. Please know that although the world moves on, the grief never ends for these people. I saw one of my high school patients yesterday who showed me this quote that inspired her and it is very appropriate for today:

I admire people who could’ve turned cold after everything they’ve been through but still chose love anyway. There’s strength in that.

Nicole and Ian and all the Sandy Hook Families: thank you for choosing love over and over again, especially when you are weary and it hurts, for being brave when you have every reason not to and for powerfully changing this world that so desperately needs the hope that you bring. You are always on my heart and in my thoughts. Sending you love and strength and light on many days but especially today. May we all actively choose love as you so graciously show us.


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