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Confirming a Word from God

Thank you to all of you who sent messages following my last newsletter on signs. I am glad that my cousin’s story was meaningful and that it spoke to many of you. I hope you know it was not coincidental that that particular message came to you on that day.

If you know me personally, you know God speaks to me very clearly in many ways. Signs are just one of them, and usually, they align with scripture, experiences I am having, and what my spirit is hearing.

A few months ago, I felt God tell me that I should not pursue or strive for new opportunities. What I heard, not audibly but in my thoughts, was that they would come. He would bring the right opportunities. As long as I stayed aligned with Him in my purpose and my priorities, I would attract the right ones much like a magnet.

When you think you hear from God, it’s like 50/50. I never know for sure until the word is confirmed. So then I asked for confirmation, specifically for that word “magnet.” I personally had never heard it in my spiritual life pertaining to me. It was a strange word for me to hear from God directly. I wanted clarity on that.

A week later I was reading the book Signs ironically. I came to a chapter that spoke of a young woman who had passed away. The author described her as “magnetic.” People were just attracted and drawn to her. That description was what I needed.

This past week I had a conversation with a new friend about how I believe that the right things will come our way if we are open and doing what we are called to do faithfully. I specifically spoke of doing segments on other networks besides NBC. I love NBC and the people I have met and feel quite at home there. I did say if I was meant to do other ones like ABC, it will come. Two hours later I received an email from a producer at ABC inviting me to talk about appearing on the Tamron Hall Show. Coincidence?

It doesn’t always happen this fast, but I have seen that it can. God knows what we need when we need it or when those around us need to see it. Grateful for this new door and would love to have you watch the Tamron Hall Show on ABC this Thursday, May 25, where I will be talking about women and depression, work-life balance and home stress, and other fun, light-hearted topics!


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