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Darkness is the Birthplace of Light

Darkness is always the birthplace of light and awakening, a phenomenon that we have the opportunity to witness at the start of each day. It is part of the natural order of the universe and perhaps intentional in its design. 

Cape Cod Bay, MA: Two weeks ago I left my family to spend three days to finally write my first book proposal that has been on my mind for nearly a year! I took this photo from our cottage in Plymouth that has become a spiritual haven for us and for many others. Before you can make any assumptions, know that we were led to this place for a reason in a way that was somewhat of an serendipitous miracle. What we thought would never be possible became possible, a story that I detail in this book. 

On my three days here, I awoke each morning to witness this sunrise, meditate, pray and enjoy the quiet of the morning- an unusual luxury when you have four young kids (or any!). It reminds me of the first time we saw the sunrise at this place. I remember thinking that there was a reason that it was a sunrise and not a sunset. This to me was a visual reminder that we are given an opportunity for renewal each day- to start over if we choose to do so. Although it often begins in darkness, there is potential for incredible beauty and revelation in that moment of awakening if we allow it to follow its natural course. 

Almost everyday, I embrace the opportunity for a new start and the chance to move out of my darkness, whether it be guilt, failure, hurt or disappointment. A new start can be a new thought, a new goal or just getting back on track to do a little better than we did yesterday. 

Yesterday the pace of our life consumed me, so today my new start is to be more focused on whatever is happening in front of me and be more present in those moments especially with my kids. I likely will start again tomorrow, but hopefully from a higher place with greater insight, moving forward day by day. (Promise: future posts won’t be this long!!!!)


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