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Embracing Holiday Bliss: The Power of "Good Enough"

December is upon us, and that may bring up a myriad of feelings for you. Every year without fail, on the day after Thanksgiving, I receive a beautiful Christmas card from the same lovely family. As I open the card, every year also without fail the same feeling of dread washes over me, accompanied by the thought, “Oh my gosh—I’m SO behind!”

This post-Thanksgiving ritual has become quite predictable, yet it still catches me by surprise. I know each year when I open that card that I likely haven’t even ordered cards yet or bought a single gift. I also know that it will all get done on MY timeline. It does every year.


Comparison is the thief of joy. We know this, but our brains are actually wired to compare to help us make good, efficient decisions. In psychology this is called a heuristic. Especially during the holidays, comparison can become the thief of exactly what we are working so hard to celebrate. We compare kids’ reactions and behaviors, holiday plans, family dynamics, elf shenanigans, romantic relationships, and of course decor. It can all lead to holiday disappointment and discontent.

What if we went back to the idea of holiday “good enough.” As I wrote in my book, good enough to me is no longer one statement that describes complacency or mediocrity, but rather two complete thoughts. It’s the ability to look at our situations, relationships, and what we have, and say “yes, it is good” and “yes, it is enough.” When we can recognize these aspects of our lives that are good and enough to be satisfying, we step into that place of contentment. It may not be the best of the best, but we know people who constantly live in that place often suffer from “never enough.”

How to Find a Good Enough December

What is most important to you in this season? Can you shift your focus to those areas?

When you look back on this holiday 2023, what do you want to remember? You can begin to create that vision today, tomorrow, and over the next few weeks. Perhaps think of 2 ways to make the holiday less stressful and more meaningful.

What can you let go of so that you have more time and energy to invest in the areas that matter?

What brings you joy in this season? Have you made time for that?

This holiday I challenge you to find the good and the enough in your life just as it is. Spend time there, savor it, reflect upon it. Write it down so you don’t forget it or let it pass you by. It doesn’t mean there aren’t stressors or grief or complicated family issues. It just means that even in the midst of those, we can find beauty in brokenness if we choose to look for it.

Sending you much love for a good enough December.


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