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Everyday Miracles

I had been reading a book called Double Blessing. It stresses the importance of giving to be a blessing in order to receive blessings. If you follow me on social, you know that I spent 3 days in the delivery room waiting for my sister’s baby to be born. Let’s just say she 100% earned that baby after 54 hours in labor and a cesarian section. (We are so grateful for our new, adorable miracle, Baby Isaac!)

Who thought the delivery would take 3 days!? But it did, which meant that, at the last minute, I needed to find someone to help with my kids after school for a few hours because my usual sitter was out of town. I called on someone who had helped me in the past. This woman did not hesitate. “Anything I can do to help you,” she texted me back. During those 3 days, she texted me faith-filled messages of encouragement to give my sister while driving our insane, after-school, sports schedule. If you read my book, you know sometimes we drive over 40 miles after school and don’t even leave town! Going through life with people who support you, encourage you, and especially help you raise a family is a gift. With four kids, sometimes it takes two villages—your own and a backup. I felt so grateful that this woman stepped in to help us at the last minute and did it so graciously. I knew I wanted to pay her more for her time. Oddly enough, a number popped into my head—$300. It wasn’t a ton of money, but it was nearly twice what I owed her for those days. I even questioned if I should give her a little less—I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. But that was the number that came to me, so I opened my Zelle app and with a touch of a button, I sent it off. Under the line that said “FOR,” I wrote “being a blessing.”

Five minutes later I got a text from her. “Niro, I just received your Zelle and I am in tears. This morning I received an unexpected bill for $300 and I didn’t know how I was going to make it. God is faithful! Thank you.” And then she added 3 crying face emojis. Anyone who writes in emojis are my people. Soon after receiving her text, I finished the chapter of the book I was reading. This one line stood out to me:

“Your generosity is someone else’s miracle.”

Listen, I am no philanthropist by any means, but you don’t need to have a lot to make a difference. In fact, often what we do with a little will determine how much comes back to us. That story is one that will stay with me for many reasons. It affirms my faith both in God’s goodness and in our calling to help each other in this life, be it with our time or resources. And believe me, I’m sure that I am far more blessed by this story than my friend will ever be.


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