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It’s Not Happy People Who Are Thankful, It Is Thankful People Who Are Happy

Gratitude is as much an action as it is a feeling and often by taking action the feelings will follow. You now know the research confirming the physical and mental health benefits of a gratitude focus. I have written about expressing gratitude personally or in writing when the opportunity arises and keeping your own journal of things you are thankful for.

The one question I repeatedly receive from clients is “what do you do when you are writing about the same things every day…ie health, family, work, relationships?” and I always say find the specific moments. Even in the imperfection, there are moments of perfection. I now go through my day looking for these moments of perfection in my imperfect life.

Yesterday it was Carolina, my 5 year old, falling in the toilet and all of us laughing together about it, including her until she realized we were laughing at her and then she cried…but it was still pretty funny. That was a moment.

It is drinking a whole cup of coffee without having to microwave it or waking up to a quiet house, running into a old friend in a store, or watching my son relaxing and enjoying a book on the couch. Simple moments, rather ordinary, but in and of themselves perfect.

Moreover, images that I want to remember with clarity when I think back on my life. Lastly, if you still have trouble finding a reason for gratitude, we always have the ability to create good in the world- so be someone else’s reason for gratitude. The feelings will follow. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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