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New Year’s Resolutions

Before you decide what must change in 2019 as you reflect on what you didn’t do in 2018, please take a moment to think about what you did. I guarantee that list, even if at times mundane and somewhat unremarkable to you, is far longer than you might realize.

Before you take on any new goal, first and most important leave behind the self-criticism and guilt and replace it with self compassion, self-love and the appreciation of the things you are and have accomplished. (Btw-these are everyday practices that take practice.) If we can move on from this place of acceptance, creating resolutions from the mindset “I am good enough as I am” we are more likely to achieve these new goals that will only enhance the unique beauty and strength of who we already are.

A happy, healthy and peaceful 2019 everyone! Xo Niro


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