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When Life is Life-ing

You haven’t heard from me in a bit because, well, as a friend of mine said, life has been life-ing. As parents, and for many of us mothers, supporting the mental health of a child can be very unexpected and also a part- to full-time job. Sometimes you just have to go day by day and celebrate any and every small win along the way. I’ve been leaning into this season and learning a lot. Even as a therapist, there’s always more to learn, and I will share any helpful info with you.


One of those things I have thought more about, as I am seeing more anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation, is the effect of screens on our dopamine wiring. Many of us, especially our kids, operate in a dopamine deficit. I talk more about this in this Instagram reel here:


Is This Normal?

I am delighted to share my new column with you for “Is This Normal?” This is the question I have been most asked for the last 20 years as a therapist. Now we can talk more about it together. Check out my first article on Mom Guilt here.


Exciting Podcast Update

Brenda Thorn, a dear friend, mother of 4, lawyer, and former pastor at Hillsong NYC, will be joining me more often on our podcast to talk about the things we as parents deal with. Her spiritual lens has been so helpful in my life, and I’m excited for you to learn from her, too. 


In this first episode, we share about our challenges of motherhood. Check out that episode here.


It's a win!

And speaking of wins, Ed and I had a big one yesterday—our 21st anniversary. Marriage is tougher than you could ever imagine and also more life giving than you could dream of, and I found that these two realities cycle more often than you would expect. If you are at a low point, hang in there and do the work. It can get better. We are grateful to celebrate this milestone, and we share some of our best marriage advice—the things that actually help us—here.

We also realize that without our faith we probably wouldn’t have made it this far. Grateful for the guidance and divine interventions we have experienced along the way. 


I hope you have a restful, long weekend. Enjoy the sports tournaments, barbecues, and time with family and friends. Find the small wins—as they can be even more powerful than the big ones if we see them every day. 


Sending you love and strength to keep going!


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