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Create a Life You Love

I created this course for motivated, high performers who are ready to find balance, strengthen relationships, and work on specific goal development.

This program is for:

People who may have tried therapy and are ready for a next-level, more guided and directed experience.


People who have goals but often get stuck in the execution, get distracted, or struggle with symptoms of anxiety and overwhelm.


Men and women looking at a career change or stuck at a career plateau.

Stay-at-home moms looking to develop goals personally and professionally.

Those who seem to have a full life on paper, yet struggle with feeling content or fulfilled.


People who are financially ready to invest in a comprehensive, research-driven, results-oriented process.

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Get Started!

If you are ready to clarify your purpose and invest in your wellbeing and are interested in applying for a spot in my Coaching program, get started by scheduling a call with me to learn more and see if this program is right for you. 




Niro Feliciano, LCSW

Niro is a psychotherapist, best-selling author, national media commentator, and contentment coach. She holds a masters degree from Columbia University and is a columnist for Psychology Today. You can often see her on the TODAY Show, NBC News Now, and in publications at Parents.Com, Oprah Daily, InStyle, Real Simple Magazine, and more, sharing tips and strategies around mental health and parenting. She is the author of This Book Won’t Make You Happy: 8 Keys to Finding True Contentment. A first-generation Tamil American, Niro lives with her husband Ed and four kids in Ridgefield, CT.

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