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The Power of Small Change

Well, three weeks into the New Year and how’s it going for you so far? Are you reminding yourself of your word of the year? Your intention? And, if you were unusually motivated, your resolution? Perhaps that motivation has faded a bit as the difficult reality of behavior change has set in? If that’s the case, you are not alone. 43% of people who made resolutions are feeling the same right in this moment.

The Power of the Small

Scripture tells us “do not underestimate the power of the small.” We can look at this from several angles. Small changes, every day, add up to significant differences in character, health, and lifestyle. As important as identifying the small step is the ability to identify what prevents us from taking that step and making it consistent. THAT is as much the key to changing ourselves, our circumstances, and our lives. 


For me these days, I have kept to my intention to sit in silence and listen. As I encouraged you to write your word of the year and post it in a place where you will see it often, I have thought about my word daily. ALIGNED has taken on an unexpected meaning for me. I’m realizing that the reality of who I am as evidenced by my thoughts and actions is not always aligned with who I believe myself to be. So I find myself asking the question, “Is who I truly am aligned with who I think I am?” I talk about this more in the second episode of my podcast series this Sunday—New Year, Stronger You 2: Faithful in the Small.

Many of us are reading Atomic Habits by James Clear as we focus on habit change this time of year. My dear friend Dr. Katie Takayasu recently highlighted a quote from him in her wonderful newsletter (you can subscribe to it here!) that made it quite clear what is on the line when it comes to habits:

“The cost of a good habit is the present, the cost of a bad habit is the future.”

In other words, who you are—the strength of your character, your relationships, the life you want—begins today. It is NEVER too late to begin working towards a stronger, more beautiful future.

Soon, I will open up my group coaching program where I will lead you through the steps of creating consistent habits and finding your balance that will lead to a more fulfilled, content life. If you would like to begin working together on who you are and the future you want, stay tuned. I only open this program once a year.

Sending you much love as we work together in the small things, expecting the big things to come.


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