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The Truth About LOVE

This morning I woke up well before the sun rose. I quietly walked downstairs, enjoying the few unusual moments of silence in our normally bustling home. I sat at my kitchen table with my hot cup of coffee, lit a small candle which illuminated the darkness, closed my eyes, and breathed in deeply.


This is a moment when I show love to myself. I take the time to be still, reflect on my thoughts, deepest desires, and all that is good in my life. This is also the moment when I show love to God. I express gratitude, look for direction, and listen to hear His voice, and no matter what may be going on in my life, in these moments, all feels well.


This past week on Valentine’s Day, I had a chance to share about love on the TODAY show. The truth about love is that it is hard. All types of love at times are challenging. Loving another, your kids, yourself, and even God can be difficult as our emotions rise and fall and stress and busyness get in our way. And because of all of this, love then becomes a choice. It is a choice that we make over and over again. Unlike what we have been led to believe, you don’t have to feel love to make the choice to love. The more we invest in our partners, our families, our faith, and ourselves—the more our hearts become connected. What we know from the research is that the feelings of love then follow the actions of love. 


I say more about this here on the TODAY show:

5 Ways to Strengthen Love in Any Relationship

If you would like to learn more about how to strengthen connection in any relationship, download my printable guide. These are tips I have shared with patients that have been tested in over 20 years of practice, marriage, and parenting.

Connect to the Source

Lastly, what I have learned is that spending the time seeking God and loving God has helped me love myself and those around me more. I was asked on the show, "What about single people? What would you say to them today?" Honestly, if you are single or in a relationship, my advice is the same. If you want to experience the truest form of love, you need to connect to the source. God has a way of loving us and meeting our needs in a way that no human can. I have seen this time and again how He has shown up for me, orchestrated situations, provided guidance, brought people into my life, strengthened my relationships, and given me peace when life was not peaceful. You want to know how to love better? Start here.

Sending you all my love today and always.


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